Alpine Spring

Posted: March 28, 2013 in Beers we've drank

alpinespringAlpine Spring from Sam Adams Brewing

Alpine Spring is a lager sold by the Samuel Adams Brewing Company out of Boston, MA. 5.5% ABV. Keg or bottles.

My Thoughts:

So let’s call a spade a spade. My body is not exactly built for running. I need motivation. There are few things that can motivate me to run, but I can run for beer. The real question becomes, what beer? I can spend an entire 5K thinking about things. Beer is usually high on that list. And why the Philadelphia Phillies aged so quickly yet still offered long term contract extensions to some easily replaceable stars. But I digress.

I am always parched after running. I need refreshment. But getting a strong beer, which I prefer most of the time (I agree with Mr. Nester on Short’s Huma being amazing), is saved for those times when we run downtown and I can walk home. Hammertime comes much quicker after a run and a couple beers after all. After the Run for the House 10K last weekend (which was not my finest hour and twelve minutes), I settled on an Alpine Spring from Sam Adams. Arguably one of the godfathers of the craft beer movement and the largest american owned brewery left, Sam produces some solid beers. Alpine Spring is no exception.

It is an unfiltered lager that comes across citrusy to me. Really no hoppy flavor to it, even though there are hops in there, obviously. Kind of a golden coloring to it. Nice head that dissipates slowly, but surely. Because who wants to drink foam after running? The beer has a body to it, even without piles of hops. It isn’t just a (insert mass market name here) Light. Best of all, only 191 calories! Wait, is that good? No? And that is probably a 12 oz serving? Since I drank multiple larger than 12 oz servings, I probably drank more than I burned on Saturday. Whoops. I guess that is motivation to run next time.
Review by Tim Schmitt, Lover, Drinker, and BAMF.  Follow on Twitter at urbaneplanner


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