resolution founders




In the words of Tim Schmitt:

“A drinking group with a running problem…

It is always better to run in a group. We try to get around five miles in each Monday. Except when we don’t. We try to change up the route to see more places in the area. Except when we don’t. But we always end near a bar.”

Which is the truth.  Except it’s so much more.  We’ve added many runners over the course of this, and some have dropped out, and even more will join in the future.  Our core message remains:  “Running should be fun”.

Many of us have come to run with the group specifically because it is a welcoming, understanding, diverse, and fun gathering.

It’s open to all….and if you’ve ever seen Nester run, we mean ALL.

Levels of fitness vary greatly, but all are welcome without judgement.

our Facebook group is HERE …..Monday night runs and general chat are listed there.

Our race schedule is listed HERE……a bunch of runs we are looking at doing.

If you have any questions, drop a line to tnester66@gmail.com.

Cheers!!! Happy Running!

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