Race Schedule

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Below are some races that several of us (or maybe just me) have said we wanted to do in 2013.  Send race suggestions to tnester66@gmail.com and we’ll add them.


1st—-Resolution-5K—in Delta Township at 10AM (Tim Nester, Barb Byrum)

19th —Portland Winter Run-5K—in Portland (Tim Nester, Tim Schmitt, Tim Davis, Barb Byrum)
27th—Meridian Township Polar Bear 5K (Nester(husband), Jessi Adler)


2nd –Winterlaufe-8K—Frankenmuth (Barb Byrum)

10th—Heart Throb-10K—Flushing ( “Sexy” Tim Schmitt, Jojo)

23rd—Dash Down Division—Grand Rapids


23rd—Run for the House—10K (also have a 5K)—Okemos (Jojo, Holly Nester, “Big” Tim Nester, “Sexy” Tim Schmitt, “Fast” Tim Davis, Caine, Byrum, Wells?, Brian Dishaw?, Melissa Horst? Andrea Poole?, Mark Lawrence?)

23rd —No Frills All Thrills 8K Trail Run—-Brighton

24th—-Gross Ile Half Marathon and 2 person half-marathon relay—-Gross Ile (Jojo)

30th—Iron Dog 5K—-East Lansing (Jojo, Schmitt, Caine, Nester(husband), Dishaw?) 


6th—Run For Reading—5K—Delta Township  (Nesters(plural))

13th–GR Gazelle Half Marathon (women only)—Grand Rapids (Jojo, Byrum?)

14th—Race for the Place 5K—East Lansing  (Jojo, “Sexy”Tim, Caine, Dishaw?, Byrum?, Melissa Horste?  Holly/Ida)

21st—Lansing Marathon—26.2 miles—-Lansing (“Big”Tim Nester…others in a support role.)

28th—Komen Mid-Michigan Race for the Cure 5K–Lansing  (Jojo)


3rd—-Mason State Bank 5K—Mason (Friday Night) (Nesters (plural), Jojo, Andrea Poole, Davis?, Byrum?, Wells?, Lawrence?)

4th —-Hike for Hannah’s House—5K—Lansing (Nesters(plural), Poole, “Fast” Tim Davis,  Jojo? Caine?, Schmitt?, Poole?, Dishaw?, Byrum?, “enigmatic” Melissa Horst?,  Mark Lawrence?)

5th—-Borgess Half Marathon (also marathon and 5K)—Kalamazoo  (Jojo)

11th—Fifth Third Bank River Bank Run 25K—Grand Rapids         OR     Take a Breath Half Marathon and 10K, or 5K—DeWitt (Schmitt wants to do GR…Others will run with and support him!!!)

19th—-Dan Langdon Memorial 5K—-Bath  (Jojo, Dishaw?, “Big” Tim, Caine, “Sexy” Tim)

25th—Bayshore Marathon and Half-Marathon—-Traverse City  (Half:  Jojo, Dishaw, Caine?, Byrum)

25th—Alma Highlands festival of Races—10K and 5K—Alma (Tim “True Scot” Nester)


2nd—Hawk Island Triathlon (All Tim’s Trophy on the line)—-Lansing  (“Champion” Tim Nester, “Fast” Tim Davis, “Sexy” Tim Schmitt, Justin “Tim” Caine.)

8th—Capital Mile 5K—–Lansing  (Jojo, Nesters, Caine, Schmitt, Davis)

9th—-DeWitt Fun Run/YMCA—5K—-DeWitt (Jojo, Dishaw, Nesters(plural))

19th—T-Rex Triathlon Series, 1st race—-Brighton (Wednesday night) (“Big” Tim, “Fast” Tim?)

29th—-Max’s Race 5K—East Lansing   (Jojo, Nesters(plural), Caine?, Schmitt?, Davis?, Byrum?, Dishaw?, Lawrence?, Poole?)

29th or 30th—-Tough Mudder—  (Jojo)


6th—Duo at the Ledge—Half-Marathon and 5K—-Grand Ledge (Jojo, Schmitt, Nesters(Plural), Caine, Dishaw?, Davis?, Byrum?, Wells?, Lawrence?, Horste?, Poole?)

13th—-Bob Cole Road Race 5K—-Sanford(near Midland) (Nesters)

13th—-The Color Run 5k—-Lansing (Peoples?  Many Peoples?)

17th—T-Rex Triathlon Series, 2nd Race—Brighton (Wednesday night) (“Big” Tim, “Fast” Tim?)

21st—-Run For Fame 10K and 5K—-Lansing   (Nesters(plural), Davis, Horste)

28th—Ele’s Race 5K—–Lansing  (Jojo, Caine, Schmitt, Nesters(plural), Poole, Davis?, Byrum?, Horste?, Wells?, Lawrence?, Dishaw?)


3rd—-Mint City 10 mile (also 5K)—St. Johns   (Jojo)

4th—Steelhead Half Ironman 70.3—Benton Harbor (“Big” Tim, “Sexy” Tim, “Fast” Tim?)

14th—T-Rex Triathlon Series, 3rd Race—-Brighton (Wednesday night) (“Big” Tim, “Fast” Tim?)

24th—Crim Fest of Races—10 Mile, 8K or 5K—Flint (Nesters(plural), Caine, Jojo, Schmitt, Poole, Dishaw, Byrum, Wells, Davis, Horste, Lawrence)(everyone should go to this as well….it’s an awesome race/event)

28th-Sept. 1st—-DALMAC-Bike Lansing to Mackinac Bridge (Nester, Hovey, Davis, Schmitt, Horste)


15th—Capital City River Run—Half Marathon(also a 5K)—Lansing (Half-Marathon: Nesters(plural), Jojo, Schmitt, Caine, Davis?)
29th—-Playmakers Autumn Classic—8K—Haslett (Everyone…..seriously, everyone should run this.  Best race of the year.)


6th—–Dinosaur Dash 5K—East Lansing  (Nesters(plural), Caine, Davis, Byrum, Jojo?)

13th—Chicago Marathon and Half-Marathon—-Chicagao, Ill.  (Jojo?, Schmitt?, Dishaw?)

19th—Aubrey’s Race 5K—–Diamondale (Davis, Holly/Ida)

20th–Detroit Free Press Marathon and Half-Marathon—Detroit  (marathon: “Big” Tim Nester, “Thunder Bear” Justin Caine. Half-marathon: Jojo, Holly(Ida))

-Run through Hell—8K –Hell, Michigan (“Big” Tim, Jojo, Poole)


9th–Iron Turkey (5k and then a 10k)—Dexter (Jojo, Davis, Caine, Byrum, Nesters(plural), Schmitt?)

28th–Thanksgiving morning–Turkeyman Trot—-5K—-Lansing (Jojo, Byrum, Nesters(plural), Horste, Caine?)


7th—-Old Town Scrooge Scramble 5K—Lansing   (Byrum, Jojo, Schmitt, Caine, Nesters(plural), Horste, Poole?, Lawrence?, Wells?)

31st—Resolution in Flint 8K—–Flint

31st—-New Year’s Eve 5K——-Lansing


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